Support and Monitoring


We provide support for the full range of Office IT needs, from issues with printers and applications through to server problems or network configurations.

Device Support

We can support your users on a range of nominated devices, from desktops and thin clients to iPads and Blackberrys.  We also support office printers, network equipment, servers.

We will liaise with manufacturers for any hardware faults our engineers are not able to resolve, and provide carepacks, smart net, or other extended warranties for items that are out of warranty.

Remote Technical Support

On-site support can be time-consuming and disruptive, so we aim to repair 90% of Desktop issues remotely.  Most issues can be fixed in the background, so you can continue working while we’re working.

Your privacy is key:  our attended remote support software alerts you before we connect to your PC – allowing you to close down any personal files before granting us access.

Onsite support

Sometimes you need an engineer to attend site.  In this case we will dispatch one of our qualified engineers to investigate issues and resolve as quickly as possible.  We are located in Marble Arch so can be onsite in central London locations within minutes.



Your infrastructure is remotely monitored 24x7 by our monitoring platform. If a problem is detected, an alert is generated at our Operations Bridge. We respond to alerts during designated support hours, or outside those hours by arrangement.

Basic Monitoring

We offer the following as standard:

  • Windows Server and Linux Server CPU, disk and memory usage is monitored.
  • Windows Server and Linux Server availability is monitored to check if servers are online or offline.
  • Windows Server system and application event logs are monitored for errors and warnings.
  • Data backups are monitored daily for success and failure.
  • Internet is monitored to check for problems with the internet connection or equipment.
  • Email flow is tested and monitored to ensure emails are received within a reasonable period of time

Below is a screenshot taken from our monitoring platform, which keeps our engineers informed of any issues.

Screenshot of Synergy Monitoring Homepage

Advanced monitoring

Your users probably don't care about servers, networks and databases - they care about performance and availability of the critical applications that they use every day to help them do their jobs, so we take a holistic view, monitoring the services that support the running of the business, in addition to looking at the nuts and bolts.  Our number one goal when implementing monitoring is to ensure that we know about problems with applications before your users do.

Our advanced monitoring can be set up to monitor application response times, transactions or processes of several steps (for example, launching an application, logging in, and then logging out again).
We can create and play back simulated end user behaviour for critical applications.  The system integrates with business applications such as Citrix Xenapp, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, Cisco, and VoIP. 

The advanced monitoring is customised to prioritise the applications crucial to your business, and gives information from the perspective of end users.


Extended Support Hours and Response Times

Our standard support is available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, to cover the majority of offices and business.  If you need support outside of those hours, if you start work early or need to stay late, we can offer extended support hours, included in your contract, so you don’t need to check the time before calling for help.

We also have a 24x7 emergency support service, because the last thing you need in an emergency is to have to wait till the next day for someone to answer your call. 

You can choose the SLA response time that suits you best, depending on your budget and how critical your systems are.  Choose from a range of options, from 2hour response for those business critical servers, to Next Business Day for those with tighter budgets.

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