Packaged IT Support Options

To make it easier for you to choose the level of support that suits you best, we have put together three packages, which are shown below.  We also have specialist packages for Art Galleries, Financial Services firms and Branch Offices.

Bronze Coin

Bronze (“Synergy Essentials”): REACTIVE SUPPORT

Synergy Essentials is perfect for daily IT support. In close collaboration with Symantec, features include remote office IT support from 9am-6pm, cloud back-up, email hold and email security.

Silver Crown

Silver (“Synergy Manage”): PROACTIVE MONITORING

Synergy Manage offers proactive monitoring and support, responding to issues before they impact you, so you can access your emails and surf the web securely without having to think about your IT.

Gold Apple

Gold (“Synergy Professional”): COMPREHENSIVE COVER

Synergy Pro is basically a full Enterprise IT department in a box.  It is ideal for businesses with a high reliability on email and business critical data. In addition to the features of Synergy Manage, Synergy Professional includes advanced email control and access, Mobile Device Management and extended support hours.

If you need to know that your data will be there 24/7 and need to have strong disaster recovery options, this is the package to give you peace of mind.


Support packages - Details

Gold Silver Bronze  
Support and Monitoring Remote Office IT Support - 9am-6pm - NBD
Device Support
  On Site Office IT Support - 9am-6pm - 4 hour
  Basic Monitoring
    Advanced Monitoring
    Extended Support Hours and Response Times
Security Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus)
Email Security
  Web Security and Filtering
  Software Security Patching
    Email Content Control
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Cloud Backup
Email Hold
  Full System Backup
    Email Continuity
    Email Archiving
Management   Dedicated Account Manager
  Central Software Delivery
  License Management (SAM)
    Vendor Management
    Mobile Device Management
    Fully Outsourced IT

Build your own

If you want to pick and choose , or bolt on additions, then we can tailor a package for you.  Just speak to us about your requirements, and we can build you a custom package to meet your needs.

Block hours:

If even Bronze support is more than you need, we can offer a simple block hours contract.  You buy a certain nuber of support hours in advance, with the response time that you prefer, and use them up as and when you need.  Block hours enables you to track your costs, and call up when you have a problem knowing that we know your systems and we can address your issue within a short space of time.  It is a way to spreads costs over the time period you want, to make IT manageable and give you access to advice or assistance whenever you need it.

For more information or to speak to one of our account managers and discuss which package would suit you, please call us on 020 7487 9980 or fill in the Ask Us a Question box to the right.

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