The job of co-ordinating and managing your various IT systems, software requirements and mobile devices can be time consuming and complicated.  Synergy Associates can simplify this, giving you a single point of contact for all your technical queries, acting as an in-house resource to call vendors, and managing licenses and software useage.

Central Software Delivery

Using our monitoring tools we can not only audit the software usage on machines, we can also roll out new software, or updates, from a central location.  You can make sure that all your machines are running the correct versions of the software they need, and keep them up to date, without effort.

License Management (SAM)

Software licenses can be a large cost, which is repeated every time a new version is released.  If you would prefer to pay for software licenses on a subscription basis, we can manage and provide per user licensing for Microsoft products, including upgrades and turning licensing into a simple operational cost.

Synergy will keep a record of the serial numbers and license details for your software, and can keep the media on-site if you choose, making it faster and easier to reinstall software when required and ensure you are compliant with the licensing.

Vendor Management

We will liase on your behalf with internet service providers, telephony companies, software vendors and other IT providers.  We will manage account details and report faults, providing you with a single point of contact for all problems, and removing the hassle of co-ordinating services.

Mobile Device Management 

Our Mobile Device Management platform will enable you to use email and other cloud services securely from your Blackberry, iPad, phone, or other portable device.  We can remotely wipe hardware if lost or stolen, and restore data from backup to a new device, to get you back up and mobile again within moments.


For more information on any of these services, or to discuss options, please contact one of our account managers today by calling 020 7487 9980 or using the Ask us a Question form to the right.


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