Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

No system is perfect, and it is crucial for businesses to plan how they will recover from and continue in the event of a disaster. If your servers are offline, whether that is because your office catches fire or a virus attacks your data, you need to be able to recover from this event, and also plan how you will continue to work during it. 


The most basic tool for disaster recovery, and a fundamental requirement for any business, is to have backups of data.

Synergy can provide a range of different backup options to suit your needs, including onsite and offsite, file or image based, tape or disc.  We use CA ARCserve technologies to run backups, which give fine control and the ability to restore quickly and simply.

Cloud Backup

Synergy offsite backup replicates your important data to our secure data centre nightly, meaning that you can recover if your on-site data is destroyed or deleted. 

Image Backup (Full System)

For faster recovery of large amounts of data, for example if the server develops a fault, we can supply image based backup, giving you a full system backup that can be restored if necessary.  Rather than simply copying all the files, this takes a complete snapshot of all the information on the server, including operating system, applications and files.  If your server needs to be restored, either onto the same hardware or different hardware, this can be done very quickly, and without needing to reinstall all the programs and settings seperately. 

Other Backup Options

For long term storage of important data, tapes are still the most cost effective and secure method of storage, providing an offline and portable record of large amounts of data.  We can combine different options for backp to suit your requirements, such as nightly onsite file backups for single file restores with weekly full offsite image backups in case of server failure.  Our team will discuss your requirements with you, and build a backup solution which meets your needs.

Backup Monitoring

Whatever backup solution you choose, Synergy will monitor the performance daily, and make sure it runs successfully, so you can be assured that your business data is secure.

Email Hold

Another important consideration, besides backup of data, is what happens to your emails if your mail server is offline.  Synergy uses Symantec.Cloud services to provide a range of options for email business continuity.

The most basic and fundamental of these is email hold – meaning that if your email servers are unavailable, all emails that are delivered to you will be stored in the cloud, rather than simply bouncing back.  Once your email servers are available again the held messages will be delivered, so you don’t need to worry about losing messages if your server is offline.

Email Continuity

If email is business critical, then you will need to be able to send emails even when your server is offline.  The advanced Email Continuity options we offer allow you to access your emails in the cloud, and send and receive messages, even if your servers are offline – providing true continuity. 

Email Archiving

Synergy also offers a world class email archiving solution, with the Symantec.Cloud Vault.  This system offers unlimited cloud storage for your mailbox, with powerful search options and journalling, so all emails automatically enter the Vault.  The ediscovery search tools of the Vault are incredibly powerful, enabling you to quickly search even multiple mailboxes.  Journalling means that all emails sent or recieved automatically enter the cloud, and it syncs with your mailbox, so the folder structure is replicated.  The reliability of the Vault means you can delete old emails from your mailbox with a clear conscience, as they are preserved in the Cloud.  This reduces mailbox sizes, and the reliance on old saved PSTs for archiving.  The system meets the requirements for legal hold, and combined with the search options this makes it the perfect tool for responding to regulatory investigation.

High Availability Hosting

If you need reliable hosting your servers, we can offer our Tier 3 data centre in central London, where you can take advantage of our diverse power feeds, fast Tier 1 bandwidth connection and High Availability Platform.

For more information on any of these services, or to discuss other Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options, please call us on 020 7487 9980 or use our As Us a Question form on the right.


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