Hosted Desktops

Unwilling to go fully to the cloud, but you want to access your information remotely? Why not try Citrix Hosted Desktops. Citrix are a world leader in desktop virtualisation, and have powerful products available for a variety of different requirements. 

This rapidly deployable, easy to use Citrix solution enables you to access your desktop remotely from anywhere and any device in total security.  It is perfect for users who travel frequently, work remotely or need to access their files from a tablet or laptop, dramatically increasing productivity. 

Using virtualisation technology you can access powerful computing power from relatively simple devices, allowing you to spend less on hardware for staff without sacrificing productivity. 

Staff in diverse locations can easily share files and applications without having to email documents back and forth. 

Moreover, the hosted desktop solution is highly scalable, and allows new users to be added quickly with a standardised desktop, reducing the time and expense of setting up new staff.

To find out more about how a Hosted Desktop environment could benefit you, call our team on 020 7487 9980 or Ask us a Question using the form on the right.

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