People use technology now more than ever before. Video streaming, uploading images, sending emails, blogging are just some of the activities that have been contributing to the tremendous increase in data and this is only the beginning. In fact, according to Cisco by the end of 2015 global internet traffic will reach 1 Zettabyte …that’s a trip to Saturn and back each year*!

The implications for you and your business are highly significant. Although acknowledged only relatively recently, information flow is a key element of business success. Indeed, as other businesses in your sector look for better ways to increase market share in these challenging times, they will also look to find more business relevant information ever more rapidly. Ultimately, if you can’t keep up with the change, your business will fail.

The Synergy Consulting team will prevent this by helping you align your IT with your business strategy. Working hand in hand with our customers we discuss potential growth strategies with high level executives, assess your current network using probes, propose best-of-breed technological solutions and deliver concluding reports with suggestions as to how you could plan your IT in total confidentiality.

*Treating 1 byte as the size of an atom

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