Cloud Migration

Cloud is becoming more and more widespread as the platform of choice for companies that no longer want the expense and difficulty associated with maintaining on-site IT installations. However, people fear that as they migrate all their information to the cloud, they may lose data.

Working in close partnership with Microsoft and Symantec cloud services, the Synergy Cloud team offers the possibility to access, edit and create all your presentations, spreadsheets, word documents and outlook emails from any device and at any time with Microsoft Office 365. In addition, we help you manage your migration in the best of conditions, helping you to choose what to migrate, accompanying you every step of the way.  Combined with Symantec’s security solutions for email, the cloud has never been more secure. 

This offers multiple benefits including:

  • Lower Operating Costs as you won’t need the staff and infrastructure to maintain your network
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure as you won't need to purchase new servers and complex hardware
  • Free up space as your data is hosted securely in the cloud
  • Access data easily from anywhere and on any device
  • Increased productivity and scalability as you prepare for the future
  • Reliability and redundancy, from combining two independent providers to create one dependable solution.

Ultimately the aim is to help streamline your business performance and enable you to deliver an even better service to your customers.

If you are interested in finding out what the cloud can offer you, speak to one of our specialists by calling 020 7487 9980, or Ask us a Question using the form on the right.

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