IT Support for Branch Offices

A new branch, London or Hong Kong:

We know that setting up a branch office carries a degree of risk for any business, particularly if it’s in a foreign market. Our local knowledge and industry specific IT packages can make all the difference if you're thinking of expanding into a new market. We can provide on-site IT support, connectivity services, hardware, and more.  We work with the IT department or service provider of your head office to get you set up quickly and start working immediately.

We can tailor our level of support to suit your needs, providing fully co-managed support, or acting as local resource for your head office IT support, providing on-hands IT support only when required.  Our head office in central London has excellent transport links, so our engineers can reach your London branch office within minutes of a problem being reported. 

Want to know more?

To talk to a Branch Office Advisor and learn how we can help, call us on 0207 487 9980, or Ask us a Question using the button on the right.

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